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Convention report: OrcCon 2011


  • Fiasco was canceled.

  • Revolution!, run by a SJG MIB who also ran Paranoia at Gateway last year.

  • Savage Worlds, run by one of the Happy Jacks guys, who had a notable presence throughout the con.

    • We played friends and associates of a private detective named Remy, who until his recent demise had been working in New Orleans, I think around the 1940s. (Cop: "And what was your relationship with the deceased?" Remy's SO: "Sordid.") We followed up on his last case, to prove our own innocence and give him closure; this involved taking down a couple rounds of mooks, a gator, and the Haitian voodoun behind it all.

    • There were painted minis (we got to keep the ones for our PCs), the detective's notebook (including notes on some past cases with no obvious relevance beyond "examples of Remy's typical case load"), and a couple newspaper articles.

    • The PCs' research basically consisted of "there was a rumor of a voodoun recently, which the first round of mooks backed up; the notebook ends with an address and a few pages of crazy talk; let's all go to that address". I was surprised at the time by what wasn't investigated, but they make more sense in retrospect:

      • Whether any of the past cases were relevant. The end of the notes were both most recent and most unusual, thus top priority; if we'd needed to, we would presumably have worked our way backward through the material.

      • What the voodoun was liable to throw at us. I think the PCs were ICly skeptical - expecting a mundane criminal whose feel-no-pain mooks were merely hopped up on drugs, and who sowed voodoun rumors about himself as intimidation - except for the sorcereress, who knew the real score but didn't especially share. There were a couple of academic-type PCs who might have known/suspected and shared, but no one chose to play them.

    • I think Remy was also available as a PC (with the predictable adjustments to the plot), but no one chose him either.

    • I hadn't played SW before, but I played in an original-rules Deadlands campaign for a couple years, so the game mechanics were partly familiar. My PC (Remy's sometime hired muscle, with a d8 or so in shooting) got a OHK on the voodoun on a lucky streak, but was pretty lousy otherwise; maybe bad luck, or maybe the mooks were supposed to be harder to hit than typical crooks. I also had him run away from the gator in the first round, which due to his Fearless attribute I probably shouldn't have (bad luck with mooks notwithstanding).


    • Gamma World was full.

    • Helped Alex run Chrononauts. He made a beginner mistake (not declaring in advance how second and third place would be awarded), leading to a debate (thankfully not an angry one) when it came up.

    • Are You a Werewolf?.

    • Pirate Fluxx was full.

    • The semi-typical off-schedule Doomtown didn't happen.

    • A Taste for Murder was full.

    • Are You The Traitor?, basically a variation of AYAW with fewer players and some more complexity (but not as much as Bang!).

    • AYAW again. I had an unusual role where the person I picked each night wasn't allowed to talk during the next day; I used it after mistaken lynchings, targeting whoever had advocated most loudly for that lynching.


    • Considered Tunnels and Trolls, but skipped it in favor of painting some of the Paranoia minis I picked up several years ago.

    • Ran two Paranoia sessions, one with bot PCs and one with a ninja theme.

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