emurphy42 (emurphy42) wrote,

From Twitter 03-01-2011

  • 07:50:30: The Valeyard is another hand!Doctor. Discuss.
  • 08:17:30: testing FB link (thanks @chrisspurgeon for bringing up the topic, apparently it's been out for about three weeks)
  • 08:24:00: test #2
  • 09:51:20: I'd love a @pidgin_im add-on to auto-reject friend requests based on patterns in user info, e.g. links to *.ru web sites
  • 09:53:29: I don't actually know anyone in Russia, so for me those are 100% spam. @pidgin_im
  • 16:13:05: Me, patching client-built export: "What will they do with this? I could make it a lot easier." Client: "Moving to Oracle." Me: "Never mind."
  • 20:48:08: @Mickipedia cool, my sister used to be with the Texas Rollergirls
  • 20:49:52: @Mickipedia I never got to attend, though, how does flat vs. banked affect the play in practice?

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