emurphy42 (emurphy42) wrote,

From Twitter 02-27-2011

  • 06:18:08: Hypothesis: cell phones will keep boosting video chat (Facetime etc.) because they're replaced relatively often and can just throw it in.
  • 06:20:13: (re: previous tweet) How often does the average person replace their landline phone, or buy a webcam?
  • 11:13:50: via @brianstroup http://bit.ly/h1nDSr defense of unions in general vs. attack on public unions in particular. Thoughts?
  • 18:56:07: Dear #gally regulars: is it me or is Six underrepresented?
  • 18:56:30: Maybe I'll fix that next year. Already have the "Worst-Dressed Sentient Being in the Known Universe" button... #gally

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