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Belated convention roundup

With my next convention coming up in, oh, about five hours, I figure I should really get around to my semi-coherent notes on the ones from last year.


Excape, an abstract dice game.

Call of Cthulhu LARP. I played an archaeology grad student at Miskatonic. We found a broken skeleton left behind by a Crusades-era cannibal cult, and a broken stone carving of an Elder Sign that warded it off. The skeleton, possessing telepathy, offered to serve me; holding no affiliations more sinister than the Masons, I promptly freaked out, and treated the Elder Sign as a security blanket (until we figured out that pencil rubbings also worked). It also kept getting partly reassembled when no one was looking; I pocketed one of its hands, and ended up shooting the PC responsible (at the expense of most of my SAN).


StarChildren: Velvet Generation. I played a rich uptight violinist who ended up turning on his smarmy buddy who worked for Mother, in contrast to the other three PCs who were crazy-ass partiers from the start. If this was the start of a campaign, I would definitely watch Fight Club for inspiration for going from rebellion to terrible excess.

Time and Temp, as the General Manager. I waited till lunch earlier the same day to actually come up with a mission: a janitor at BCE who heard exactly the wrong things and went back to save his wife from a fatal car crash the year before. The PCs decided to go back one day before the crash and launch a direct pursuit. On the spot, I decided (perhaps remembering this story, and/or just using my own house as a mental model) to twist the knife oh so much further by describing a not-yet-used baby room in his house-- yeah, the guy lost more that day than they realized. The PCs ended up initiating the crash with their own vehicle. In retrospect, I should have suggested they also go further back and get to know the guy, which would have made the game longer and hopefully created more temporal anomalies. I also shouldn't have let them spend as much OOC time debating responses when they were five IC seconds away from crash-or-no-crash-and-no-universe; being in the car, they were in no position to escape using their own time machine, but I could have hand-waved their future selves and/or some other cleanup team intervening.

Doomtown. Two games, playing Flock in the first (Children of Armageddon; sacrifice a mook to draw whatever's most useful at the moment, save him, repeat) and Law Dogs in the second.

Rocky Horror canceled, so on to Are You A Werewolf instead, eliminated early on.


Paranoia. Alex's first time playing an actual PC; he made out okay (read, he died a few times).

Zombie Fluxx. Two half-hour games.

Cash 'n Guns. Live-action variant.

Are You A Werewolf. I think I got a variant "must vote no on all lynchings" role.

Got to meet seanan_mcguire, hang out a bit, get a couple books signed and hear her sing (Renaissance women FTW). Also heard someone covering maxgoof's "Census". Attended some panels, saw Larry Niven and Harry Turtledove and Todd McCaffrey and various others I don't remember by name. Past that, it (like LASFS in general) seems mostly geared toward a generation a bit older than mine.

Oh, great, I just managed to delete my notes instead of checking the timestamp. Go me. Anyway, from memory + web site:

Was too harried to run anything at this one. Met the eponymous couple behind Looney Labs and played a couple rounds of pyramid variants with them. I think this was the one where Nick pulled me in to judge some Rock Band contestants on charisma. Also got to play a couple games of Paranoia instead of GMing; there was a more restrained version of "the Three Stooges blow up a warehouse full of unwanted junk, just as the briefing officer secretly planned", and my Corpore Metal PC getting outed when his Machine Empathy caused a bot to basically follow a clingy-psycho-girlfriend schtick (only without the "girl"; no hormone suppressants were skimped on in the execution of this traitor).

Not exactly a convention, but meh, close enough.

Friday: Dogs in the Vineyard. Visited a dirt-poor branch being bled even drier by a well-armed group of non-Dog militia men. We screwed up and went after their leader while they were all together, and were reduced to reporting back that someone else would need to take a crack at it; at least one of us actually lost their faith over it.

Saturday: Once Upon a Time (card game, "improvise a fairy tale and get rid of all your cards by including their concepts"). Leverage, using Dresden Files mechanics. Fallout, facing a (once-again) well-armed group of nigh-invulnerable mutants, eventually settling for calling in a nuisance air strike and evacuating what captive NPCs we could manage.

Sunday: Martian Fluxx.

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