June 15th, 2011


Convention report: Two Wyrd

(Pronounced "weird". I think they're gonna run out of puns after Tri Wyrd next year, but then I'm a relatively left-brain guy, so what do I know?)

While LARPs have been a minor sideline at Strategicon, here's a convention all about LARPs. Having heard stories about awesome events like this on the East Coast (WyrdCon has been designated Intercon West), and having missed Wyrd One due to a scheduling conflict, I was damned excited.

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Sunday: Brunch, and closing ceremonies (with awards in multiple categories for costumes and props), and catching up with fairyglass who played some different games. (I want to play with her again some time, even if she is one of those Intimidating Alpha Geeks who actually designs games and/or discusses them with a nationwide audience.)