April 30th, 2011


From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 08:41:49: @TrinSF @HelloBuglers, obviously.
  • 08:46:31: @hellobuglers I'm sorry, could you repeat that one please?
  • 08:54:17: @dbrock MediaWiki templates fill the same role to some extent.
  • 09:13:11: @etesla Maybe it's a retro fashion thing.
  • 11:53:48: RT @popurls: The queen's outfit at the wedding reminds me of someone... someone... ssssomebody ssstop me! http://pop.is/2jsu9
  • 14:36:28: Summary of my morning: If 5+ citizens are tardy during same CoffeeLyke break, entire sector is sterilized to contain Commie mutant menace.
  • 20:23:17: RT @logosity: K. Bealer: "We should refer to [linux] processes which run in the background by their correct technical name: paenguins" ~ ...
  • 20:36:05: Whole wheat bagels are a hell of a thing.

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