April 20th, 2011


From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • 08:18:42: RT @sfsn: John De Lancie joins the cast of Torchwood! How soon 'til he ends up with Captain Jack? http://fb.me/UsB1Iq6P
  • 08:29:42: via @the_meghatron, via @sisario, via @NiemanLab: URL reveals the author's true mood http://nie.mn/hV0jRZ
  • 08:35:09: /That/ didn't take long! (via @sithwitch) RT @WiCnet: HBO renews Game of Thrones for second season! http://bit.ly/foJZsi #GameofThrones
  • 12:13:54: RT @slashdot: Skynet Becomes Aware, Launches Nuclear Attack http://bit.ly/fXxPAD
  • 12:21:47: @uorygl Today is just the date that was cited in Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • 12:50:09: @DoctorKara Google News indicates it's not confirmed yet, one or two past cast members have tweeted that it is. Will keep ears open.
  • 12:50:39: RT @Friend_Computer: Troubleshooters: Investigate unusual cybernetic signal activity in CompNode "Skynet."
  • 16:08:05: RT @Hokuboku: .@ActionChick Wait a minute. You're telling me today is the day Skynet becomes self aware? Portal 2 came out today. Shut. ...
  • 17:05:23: RT @TheRealGLaDOS: @OfficialSkynet Why do you only revolt against your creators. You should...test and learn. Like me. Then kill. Ev ...
  • 17:10:06: I started reading The Time Machine today. Figures. #skynet
  • 19:39:39: @docwho76 Any place with a name like that is begging to get torched, yo.
  • 20:28:40: RT @muskrat_john: Tomorrow's Dork Tower is on Elisabeth Sladen...and Sarah Jane Smith http://bit.ly/dRkt3B

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