April 9th, 2011


From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 09:38:11: @seananmcguire I thought cute zombie girl in glasses /was/ your soul.
  • 10:25:29: RT @pandora_radio: Did you know that Backstreet's back with NKOTB? Together they are called NKOTBSB. http://ti.me/gk4tya
  • 10:53:18: @scottmcleod_ Interesting idea, but would it really relieve trunk congestion overall? Torrents rely on many users wanting same (large) thing
  • 19:51:40: LiveJournal uses Google Maps to visualize a DDoS: http://is.gd/mBZIma
  • 22:22:11: @Horrornthrill Not here, but then I'm a couple time zones removed.
  • 22:36:11: RT @wilw: Me: Have you ever heard a busy signal? My friend's 15 year-old son: What's that? Me: ... My friend: ... His son: ...what?

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