March 24th, 2011


From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 07:11:30: @Friend_Computer Is it non-treasonous if we turn in said players for mandatory voluntary re-education and/or reactor shielding duty?
  • 14:18:35: @renatoram @ptevis @RyanMacklin I am now a /bilingual/ footnote!
  • 15:15:22: @TaniaWalker @cyberiagirl "How's that damn three-seashell thing work?"
  • 16:50:12: @renatoram I took part in a playtest once
  • 17:14:41: I've been blocked by a few people that AFAIK I haven't upset - I suspect they see the number and assume a spammer
  • 17:14:43: but I need to decide what to change to, as my name/nickname (with or without _ in middle) is already taken. Sigh.
  • 19:49:38: RT @koebimoonlight: For anyone that likes the TRON: legacy soundtrack.. this will make your ears orgasm.

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