February 9th, 2011


From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 14:04:29: Dear lazyweb: I've built a medium ASP.NET site from scratch, now starting first VB.NET program (timer/SQL/XML), what are the major caveats?
  • 14:06:35: Clarification of previous: I know SQL well, I know the basic concepts of timers and XML and DoEvents
  • 14:07:53: further clarification of previous: VB Studio 2008, MS SQL 2005
  • 14:51:00: One hour later, working skeleton of timer with textbox updates (maybe not ideal but it works) and XML output. Hope it stays this simple.
  • 15:50:08: @buran Many feel legal immigration is too hard, but they should push to change it, not ignore it (or at least admit civil disobedience)
  • 18:04:08: This week's reading is Madame Bovary.
  • 19:17:40: @uorygl nabad, haven't found a snap-to-grid option but that's hardly the end of the world

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