January 28th, 2011


From Twitter 01-27-2011

  • 01:15:26: Running some data processing for the Big Work Project, itemizing a category into two pieces. Today's figures add up to about $82M.
  • 01:48:41: 15 markets down, 77 (and $560M) to go.
  • 09:36:25: These stolen credentials are but the first step in my master plan. Now where can I obtain a live kangaroo? #rabbitholeday
  • 10:03:46: This bio-mass is a blessing in (admittedly cardboard-thin) disguise. But damn these malfunctioning controls! #rabbitholeday
  • 11:17:33: RT @johncoulthart: "If your argument against piracy fails to work if the words ‘used books’ are inserted into them, then think hard." ht ...
  • 11:19:14: I hate cleaning up after my own mistakes - bloodstains are so hard to remove nowadays - but it's the only right thing to do. #rabbitholeday
  • 11:22:50: And now I have to re-route through the satellite dish in the basement until Central Services clears through their backlog. #rabbitholeday
  • 11:26:33: A bold new land acquisition! Sea and space will expand in the foreseeable future. #rabbitholeday
  • 12:06:17: Plot your navigation using primary sensor data. The polarity will reverse itself when you throw the switch. #rabbitholeday
  • 12:21:22: A ha'penny here, a three-headed nickel there: so the budget is slowly consumed. #rabbitholeday
  • 12:44:32: Now it is time to consume mass quantities #rabbitholeday
  • 13:16:41: There is, however, a substantive difference between port and starboard thrust. Just look at the names! #rabbitholeday

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