January 23rd, 2011


From Twitter 01-22-2011

  • 06:40:52: T minus 5 and counting... http://tinyurl.com/8dapc4 #rabbitholeday
  • 06:50:20: Big Work Project has one more change in progress, but is otherwise comfortably in routine-maintenance territory...
  • 06:51:18: ...and so the Next Big Work Project has finally brought me in, and will clearly be all kinds of pleasantly challenging...
  • 06:52:41: ...but then I got taken down by whatever bug the boys picked up earlier this week, so it'll have to wait till Monday.
  • 19:40:46: @suzdal *looks* @adalek
  • 22:45:33: @sillygirlsarah I'm sorry, I don't speak your crazy moon language.

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