January 12th, 2011


From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 10:19:52: @Nojh Using another browser = equivalent of logging out without actually doing so. Wonder if #newtwitter omission = going away soon?
  • 18:41:13: @Mickipedia What makes it evil?
  • 18:45:10: @dbrock Not mutually exclusive, consider "you suck :) just kidding :)" when it's clear from context that they're lying about the second part
  • 20:15:56: RT @kalleboo: @dbrock hover your cursor, it's in the title="" http://imgb.mp/ewn
  • 20:19:25: @dbrock @Phlogistique Objection, Your Honor. That word should be taken outside and shot.
  • 20:28:37: @dbrock @phlogistique And if I had a ha'penny for every time $TERRIBLE_PLACEHOLDER /didn't/ get changed...
  • 20:45:50: I need to get my hands on a FATE game so I can try running Paranoia with it.

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